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KillerIT is the only IT portfolio management software suite that delivers a data-driven roadmap to translate IT into the ultimate operating model: Lean, and ready to drive digital business.


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Webinar! From Old IT to New IT: An Operating Model of Agility and Precision

Join KillerIT's founder and president Bob Dvorak for a webinar September 18th at noon CT. Bob will be discussing the methodology behind revealing the true value of your application portfolio, the steps to turning “Old IT” into a new, lean operating model, and how to accelerate innovation and help enable the business to compete digitally. Click to register!

Industry News

6 Critical IT Roles for CIOs to Recruit in 2015

The breakneck pace of change in the IT industry is forcing you to change the way you think about attracting and hiring skilled workers. Here are six new IT roles for 2015 and advice on how to find talent to fill them.

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